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11/23/2014 Whoever has been forgiven much loves much.

Whoever has been forgiven much loves much. Our love for God is in direct proportion to the depth of forgiveness you realize Jesus has given you. Our response of love, praise and thanks toward God becomes personal and extravagant when we understand that Jesus got what we deserved so we could receive what we didn’t deserve from Him; complete and total forgiveness.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb
11/16/2014 Jesus is Seeking You

Jesus is seeking you Jesus is orchestrating an encounter with us. Long before we started seeking Him, He was pursuing us. If we changed the way we see the events in our life from incidental details to divinely orchestrated events that leads us to an encounter we will likely see Jesus and have a greater understanding of what we are going through. Jesus wants to encounter even the least likely and wants to use us to introduce the least likely to Him.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb
11/9/2014 Encountering Jesus in your doubts

Encountering Jesus in your doubts Doubt is almost a forbidden topic in the church. Many aren’t honest about their real doubts so we just pretend they aren’t there until many just lose their faith entirely. The presence of sincere doubt doesn’t mean that faith is absent and we might be surprised how Jesus responds to our sincere doubts.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb
11/2/2014 Experiencing the personal Jesus

EXPERIENCING THE PERSONAL JESUS If we aren't careful our journey of faith will lead us away from believing, following, knowing and sharing the hope of Jesus into rule keeping, argument winning  and religious obligation. Revelation 2 speaks of a church who has lost their first love while maintaining other secondary virtues. If we find ourselves drifting there is a fresh invitation to experience Jesus in a fresh way.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb
10/26/2014 Glenn Hatcher

Glenn Hatcher
10/19/2014 Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’ Todd Caroline
10/12/2014 Me to We 6

WE SERVE BEYOND OUR BORDERS: Following Jesus means we told Jesus we will follow you wherever you go. Jesus takes us at our word and challenges us to follow Him beyond our comfort zone where real life is found and where people Jesus loves lives. Jesus will confront our obsession with comfort for our benefit if we let him.

Me to We Josh Lipscomb
10/5/2014 Me to We 5

We are a place for prodigals The classic story of the "prodigal son" uncovers a truth that might be either beautiful or painful depending on who we identify with in the story. The hope offered though is that of a father's love and embrace to those who have misunderstood him. As a church we must be aware of those who have "walked away" from the father and of those who have "drifted away" and help them come home.

Me to We Josh Lipscomb
9/28/2014 Me to We 4

We define maturity by how graciously we live and by how generously we give. If we don't know what maturity is we will not know when we arrived and worse we might be headed the wrong way. We believe maturity is marked by growing in the grace of God resulting in generosity.

Me to We Josh Lipscomb
9/21/2014 Me to We 3

We are more loyal to the future than the past. The Bible says we should look at the past, we should learn from the past but we should never live in our past. We are called to move into the future with fresh faith and embody a spirit of anticipation of the future

Me to We Josh Lipscomb