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  1/11/2015 Vision Sunday

Vision Sunday Vision is vital. If we don’t possess a clear God given vision then we wander or worse yet we perish. Vision Sunday is a weekend that we celebrate what God has done and we "sell out” to what He will do in the future.

Josh Lipscomb
  1/4/2015 Breakthrough

Breakthrough We are believing God for breakthrough in your life in 2015. We all have challenges and some of us have incredible obstacles in life and many are held captive by lifes circumstance rather than being more than a conqueror. The key to breakthrough is simple…but it’s not simplistic it might cost you everything.

Breakthrough josh Lipscomb
  12/28/2014 2015 New Years Message

Wayne Butts
  12/21/2014 SUNDAY before CHRISTMAS

SUNDAY before CHRISTMAS Josh Lipscomb
  12/14/2014 In CHRISTMAS_

In CHRISTmas Many of us find our identity in the wrong things, usually be how well we perform or by the opinions of others. If we live that way we inedibly will live frustrated and fatigued lives. Many have an identity crisis but may have never pinpointed it as that. The good news of the Christmas story is not just that Jesus came but what He came to do. When we discover that not only do we discover Christ but we also discover who we really are.

In CHRISTMAS Josh Lipscomb
  12/9/2014 The Heart of a grinch

The heart of a Grinch The story of the grinch is the story of us all, the condition of our hearts determine the quality of our life. Christmas means more than presents, carols and nativity scenes it’s about Jesus coming to fix sin sick hearts.

Heart of the Grinch Josh Lipscomb
  11/30/2014 The Dangers of a Hurried Holiday

The Dangers of a Hurried Holiday The Christmas season is supposed to be a time of Peace and Joy but for many it’s a time of stress and busyness. The pace and pressure of the season can easily distract us from what is most important if we allow it to. This Christmas lets give the gift of our presence to Jesus and the people who matter most to us as it is the best present we can give.

Christmas at the Movies Josh Lipscomb
  11/23/2014 Whoever has been forgiven much loves much.

Whoever has been forgiven much loves much. Our love for God is in direct proportion to the depth of forgiveness you realize Jesus has given you. Our response of love, praise and thanks toward God becomes personal and extravagant when we understand that Jesus got what we deserved so we could receive what we didn’t deserve from Him; complete and total forgiveness.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb
  11/16/2014 Jesus is Seeking You

Jesus is seeking you Jesus is orchestrating an encounter with us. Long before we started seeking Him, He was pursuing us. If we changed the way we see the events in our life from incidental details to divinely orchestrated events that leads us to an encounter we will likely see Jesus and have a greater understanding of what we are going through. Jesus wants to encounter even the least likely and wants to use us to introduce the least likely to Him.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb
  11/9/2014 Encountering Jesus in your doubts

Encountering Jesus in your doubts Doubt is almost a forbidden topic in the church. Many aren’t honest about their real doubts so we just pretend they aren’t there until many just lose their faith entirely. The presence of sincere doubt doesn’t mean that faith is absent and we might be surprised how Jesus responds to our sincere doubts.

When Jesus Steps In Josh Lipscomb